I have developed a number of resources with the goal of encouraging, empowering and educating both students and teachers. The pamphlets are intentionally produced in a quality print form so that students may take them home to read in private - and hopefully they won't end up smooshed in the bottom of the school bag! 

Australian options:

  • Pack A: 18 pamphlets + A4 Poster: $15 plus $3 postage
  • Pack B: 50 pamphlets + A4 x1 and A3 x1 Posters: $30 plus $10 postage
  • Pack C: 100 pamphlets + A4 x2 and A3 x2 Posters: $50 plus $12 postage 

*Packs A, B & C are only available in Australia

International options:

  • Pack D: 18 pamphlets + A4 Poster x1: $15 plus $9 postage
  • Pack E: 40 pamphlets + A4 Posters x2: $27.50 plus $18 postage

*All prices are in Australian dollars. I am keeping an eye on postage costs and will pass on any savings where available. 

  • A3 Posters - Australia only - Extra posters may be purchased for $9 each plus $8 postage (1-5 posters) This size is classified as a parcel rather than a letter, hence the expense.

To place an order, please indicate below which pack you would like. I will send you an invoice confirming your order (including payment details) via email.